Abstracts, poster presentations and publications in the area of endotoxin related diseases including sepsis and others:

Endotoxin Removal: Bringing the Mission to North America
Foster D., Klein D.J,. Guadagni G.,Walker P.M.
Journal LinkBlood Purification, Vol. 37, Suppl. 1, January 2014

Systemic endotoxin activity correlates with clot formation: an observational study in patients with early systemic inflammation and sepsis
Alexander Koch, Michael Isaäc Meesters, Bertram Scheller, Christa Boer and Kai Zacharowski
Journal LinkCritical Care, 17:R198, September 2013

Immunomodulation in Sepsis: The Role of Endotoxin Removal by Polymyxin B-Immobilized Cartridge
Elisabeth Esteban, Ricard Ferrer, Laia Alsina, and Antonio Artigas
Journal LinkMediators of Inflammation Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 507539, September 2013

Blood Purification and Mortality in Sepsis: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Trials
Zhou, Feihu MD, PhD; Peng, Zhiyong MD, PhD; Murugan, Raghavan MD, MS, FRCP; Kellum, John A. MD, MCCM
Journal LinkCrit Care Med. September 2013 - Volume 41 - Issue 9 - p 2209-2220

Severity and prognostic assessment of the endotoxin activity assay in biliary tract infection.
Sato M, Matsuyama R, Kadokura T, Mori R, Kumamoto T, Nojiri K, Taniguchi K, Takeda K, Kubota K, Tanaka K, Endo I.
Journal LinkJournal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Sciences, 2013 June

Endotoxin activity levels as a prediction tool for risk of deterioration in patients with sepsis not admitted to the intensive care unit: A pilot observational study
Emanuela Biagioni, MD , Claudia Venturelli, BS , David J. Klein, MD , Marta Buoncristiano, MS , Fabio Rumpianesi, MD , Stefano Busani, MD , Laura Rinaldi, MD , Abele Donati, MD , Massimo Girardis
Journal LinkJournal of Critical Care, April 2013, j.jcrc.2013.02.005

Prognostic value of endotoxin activity assay in patients with severe sepsis after cardiac surgery.
Michail Yaroustovsky, Marina Plyushch, Dmitry Popov, Natalia Samsonova, Marina Abramyan, Zakhar Popok and Nickolay Krotenko
Journal LinkJournal of Inflammation, March 2013, 10:8

Markers of intestinal injury are associated with endotoxemia in successfully resuscitated patients.
D. Grimaldi , E. Guivarch , N. Neveux , J. Fichet , F. Pène , J.-S. Marx , J.-D. Chiche , L. Cynober , J.-P. Mira , A. Cariou
Journal LinkResuscitation Volume 84, Issue 1 , Pages 60-65, January 2013

Bench-to-bedside review: Clinical experience with the endotoxin activity assay.
Alexander D Romaschin, David J Klein and John C Marshall
Journal LinkCritical Care 2012, 16:248, December 2012

Increased endotoxin activity is associated with clinical deterioration in moderate-severity emergency department sepsis patients: a pilot study
R Arnold, C Schorr, S Trzeciak and RP Dellinger
Journal LinkCritical Care 2012, Volume 16. Supp. 3, Sepsis 2012, November 2012

Safety of Polymyxin-B–based Hemoperfusion in Kidney and Liver Transplant Recipients
Yukihiro G. Novelli, V. Morabito, G. Ferretti, L. Poli, S. Novelli, F. Ruberto, F. Pugliese, G. Mennini, M. Rossi, PB. Berloco
Journal LinkTransplantation Proceedings, Sept 2012

Time to Initiation of Treatment with Polymyxin B Cartridge Hemoperfusion in Septic Shock Patients
Yukihiro Takeyama N. Noguchi H. Hirakawa A. Kano H. Morino K. Obata T. Sakamoto T. Tamai F. Ishikura H.f· Kase Y. Kobayashi M. Naka T. Takahashi Y.
Journal LinkBlood Purification, Vol. 33, No. 4, June 2012

Impact of endotoxin measured by an endotoxin activity assay during liver transplantation
Yukihiro Sanada, MD , Koichi Mizuta, MD, PhD , Taizen Urahashi, MD, PhD , Yoshiyuki Ihara, MD, PhD , Taiichi Wakiya, MD, Noriki Okada, MD , Naoya Yamada, MD , Kentaro Ushijima, PhD , Shinya Otomo , Koichi Sakamoto, PhD , Yoshikazu Yasuda, MD, PhD , Hideo Kawarasaki, MD, PhD
Journal LinkJournal of Surgical Research, May 2012

Combining intermediate levels of the Endotoxin Activity Assay (EAA) with other biomarkers in the assessment of patients with sepsis: results of an observational study
Arino Yaguchi, Junji Yuzawa, David J Klein, Munekasu Takeda and Tomoyuki Harada
Journal LinkCritical Care 2012, 16:R88

Clinical usefulness of measuring endotoxin activity on ICU admission
A Murai, H Ishikura, T Nishida, Y Irie, T Kamitani, R Yuge, T Kitamura and T Umemura
Journal LinkCritical Care 2012, 16(Suppl 1):P34

Intestinal Injury and Endotoxemia in Children Undergoing Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease
Nazima Pathan, Margarita Burmester, Tanja Adamovic, Maurice Berk, Keng Wooi Ng, Helen Betts, Duncan Macrae, Simon Waddell, Mark Paul-Clark, Rosamund Nuamah, Charles Mein, Michael Levin, Giovanni Montana, and Jane Mitchell
Journal LinkAm. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med. 2011

Endotoxaemia in paediatric critical illness - a pilot study
Shamik Dholakia , David Inwald , Helen Betts and Simon Nadel
Journal LinkCritical Care 2011, 15:R141, June 2011

Systemic Endotoxemia Following Multiple Trauma is Associated with Early Shock and Predicts Subsequent Mortality
Emmanuel Charbonney, MD, Yangmei Li, David Klein, MD, MBA, Alexander Romaschin, PhD, Avery B. Nathens, MD, PhD, John C. Marshall, MD
Journal LinkThe 31st Annual Meeting of the Surgical Infection Society, 2011, Florida

EAA helps to detect the cause of ARDS at bedside
Junichi Kitayama, MD, Takeyuki Kiguchi, MD, Kazuma Yamakawa, MD, Yasushi Nakamori, MD, Satoshi Fujimi, MD
Journal LinkThe 31st Annual Meeting of the Surgical Infection Society, 2011, Florida

Endotoxin Activity Assay for early diagnosis of SIRS in Acute on Chronic Liver Failure patients
Dr. Vincenzo Morabito
Journal Link2011 European Association for the Study of the Liver Monothematic Conference, Nice, FR

Endotoxemia related to cardiopulmonary bypass is associated with increased risk of infection after cardiac surgery: a prospective observational study
David J Klein , Fracoise Briet , Rosane Nisenbaum , Alexander D Romaschin, C DAVID Mazer
Journal LinkCritical Care 2011, 15:R69, February 2011

New sepsis-related marker: endotoxin activity assay
T Ikeda, K Ikeda, H Taniuchi, M Hiramatsu and S Suda
Journal LinkCritical Care, September 2010, 14(Suppl 2):P12

Endotoxin Activity Assay and Polimyxyn-B in early management of endotoxemia
Novelli G., Ferretti G., Poli L., Morabito V., Ruberto f., Rossi M., Berloco P.
Journal LinkThe Transplantation Society International Congress, August 2010

Endotoxin activity assay (EAA) and polymyxin-B hemoperfusion (PMX-DHP) – an endotoxin targeted theranostic strategy
Romaschin AD, Klein DJ, Foster D, Kruspe A
Journal LinkIEIIS 2010

Prognostic value of endotoxin activity assay (EAA) in complex intensive care for sepsis and septic shock in patients after cardiac surgery
M. Yaroustovsky, M. Abramian, Z. Popok, M. Plusch, E. Nazarova, O. Stupchenko
Journal LinkESICM 2010 E-Poster

Selective hemoperfusion in complex intensive care for severe sepsis and septic shock in patients after cardiac surgery
M. Yaroustovsky, M. Abramyan, Z. Popok, D. Popov, M. Plusch, E. Nazarova, O. Stupchenko
Journal LinkESICM 2010 E-Poster

Correlation between gut injury and endotoxinemia following resuscitation from a cardiac arrest
D. Grimaldi, E. Guivarch, N. Neveux, B. Zuber, N. Demars, C. Rousseau, J.-S. Marx, J.-D. Chiche, A. Cariou.
Journal LinkESICM 2010 E-Poster

Endotoxemia and Endotoxin ShockEndotoxemia and Endotoxin Shock: Disease, Diagnosis and Therapy
Editors: Claudio Ronco, Vicenza, Pasquale Piccinni, Vicenza, Mitchell H. Rosner, Charlottesville, VA. Journal LinkContributions to Nephrology,  Vol. 167, 2010 Available from Karger Publishing

Prevalence of endotoxemia after surgery and its association with ICU length of stay
Franco Valenza, Lorella Fagnani, Silvia Coppola, Sara Froio, Francesca Sacconi, Cecilia Tedesco, Micol Maffioletti, Marta Pizzocri, Valentina Salice, Maria LUISA Ranzi, Cristina Marenghi and Luciano Gattinoni.
Journal Link
Critical Care 2009, 13:R102, June 2009

Early Use of Polymyxin B Hemoperfusion in Abdominal Septic Shock The EUPHAS Randomized Controlled Trial
Dinna N. Cruz, MD, MPH; Massimo Antonelli, MD; Roberto Fumagalli, MD; Francesca Foltran, MD; Nicola Brienza, MD, PhD; Abele Donati, MD; Vincenzo Malcangi, MD; Flavia Petrini, MD; Giada Volta, MD; Franco M. Bobbio Pallavicini, MD; Federica Rottoli, MD; Francesco Giunta, MD; Claudio Ronco, MD.
Journal Link
JAMA. 2009;301(23):2445-2452. June 2009

Endotoxemia is common following abdominal organ transplantation and is associated with reperfusion and rejection.
Ibtesam Hilmi, John A. Kellum, Raymond Planinsic, Debra Foster, Ali Abdullah, Daniela Damian, Silviu Gligor, David Klein, Kareem Abu-Elmagd. Journal of Organ Dysfunction, March 2009.

Newly Developed Endotoxin Measurement Method (Endotoxin Activity Assay) May Reflect the Severity of Sepsis. Murayama, Y Kakihana, T Oryoji, N Kiyonaga, S Tashiro, T Imabayashi, T Yasuda and Y Kanmura, Kagoshima University Hospital, Kagoshima, Japan.
Journal Link
Poster Presentation From 29th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, Brussels, Belgium. 24–27 March 2009

Endotoxemia as a Biomarker in Early Sepsis: Experience from Europe and North America.
Foster, Debra; Abstract - 11th Annual Congress of Endotoxemia in Critical Illness, Fukouka, Japan, February, 2008

Clinical Usefulness of a Newly Developed Whole Blood Endotoxin Assay (EAA).
Atagi Kazuaki, Shimaoka Hideki, and Nishi Shinichi. ICU and CCU-Japanese Journal of Intensive Care Medicine, Vol. 31, No. 6, 445-452, 2007.  

Efficacy and Problem of a New Endotoxin Activity Assay Method.
Endo Shigeatsu, Sato Nobuhiro, Suzuki Yasushi, Kojika Masahiro, Takahashi Gaku, Yaegashi Yasunori
ICU and CCU-Japanese Journal of Intensive Care Medicine, Vol. 31, No. 6, 407-410, 2007

Diagnostic and Prognostic Implications Endotoxemia Based on Measurements Using the Endotoxin Activity Assay.
Walker Paul M., Japanese J. of Critical Care Endotoxemia, Vol. 11, No.1, 9-25,  2007

Endotoxemia: Insights from a New Method for Measurement in Human Whole Blood.
Foster Debra M., Japanese J. of Critical Care Endotoxemia, Vol. 11, No.1, 121-126, 2007.

Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) stage 3-5 have Endotoxin levels similar with ICU patients with sepsis.
Levine Daniel, Parker Thomas, Bologa Roxana, Gordon Bruce, Foster Debra, Walker Paul, Klein David
Abstract - ASN Renal Week 2007, San Francisco, CA

Daily Variation in Endotoxin Levels is Associated with Increased Organ Failure in Critically Ill Patients.
Klein DJ, Derzko A, Foster D, Seely A, Brunet F, Romaschin A, Marshall JC.
Journal Link
Shock, November 2007 

Endotoxin Levels as a Marker for Liver Graft Performance in Patients Undergoing Liver Transplantation.
Hilmi, RM Planinsic, Daniela Damian, Testsuro Sakai, Nizar Moayeri.
Journal Link
Abstract Presented at ASA Annual Meeting, San Francisco California, Oct. 2007

Endotoxin Concentration Following Cardiac Surgery with Cardiopulmonary Bypass.
Kagoshima University ICU.
Journal Link
Abstract Presented at ASA Annual Meeting, San Francisco California, October, 2007

Endotoxin activity in whole blood measured by neutrophil chemiluminescence is applicable to canine whole blood.
Mads Kjelgaard-Hansen, Bo Wiinberg, Bent Aalbæk, Lisbeth Olsen, David Harris, Alexander Romaschin, Annemarie T. Kristensen and Asger L. Jensen. Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, August 2007

Endotoxemia in pediatric critical illness.
S. Nadel, 5th World Congress on Pediatric Critical Care, Geneva Switzerland, June, 2007

Prevalence of Endotoxemia in a population of patients admitted to an intensive care unit after elective surgery.
F. Valenza, L. Fagnani, S. Coppola, L. Gattinoni  et al.
Journal Link
27th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Vol 11 Suppl2, March 2007

Patterns of Endotoxemia in a Paradigm of Early Goal Directed Therapy
Ronny M. Otero, Arturo Suarez, Steadman S. Sankey and Emanuel Rivers,
26th annual meeting of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, Orlando, FL February 2007

Hemodialysis patients have Endotoxin activity levels comparable to critically ill patients.
Bologa, Roxana M. Levine, Daniel M. Parker, Thomas S. Gordon, Bruce R. Foster, Debra  Walker, Paul  Klein, David J., 25th annual meeting of the Society for Critical Care Medicine, January 6, 2006, San Francisco, CA

Endotoxemia is a marker of adverse outcomes in patients with Gram positive as well as Gram negative infection on admission to the Intensive Care Unit.
David J Klein, Debra Foster, Anastasia Derzko, John C Marshall, Toronto Critical Care Medicine Meeting, October 30, 2005. 

A comparison of the rates of agreement for assays of endotoxin (EAA) procalcitonin (PCT) and lactate in septic and non-septic critically ill patients. 
Alex Romaschin, Anastasia Derzko, Debra Foster, David Klein, Paul Walker.
Journal Link
25th International Symposium of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, Brussels Belgium, March 22-25, 2005.

Marker or Mediator: Changes in endotoxin activity as a predictor of adverse outcomes in critical illness.
Klein DJ, Derzko A, Seely A, Foster D and Marshall JC.
Journal Link
25th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine Brussels, Belgium. 21–25 March 2005

A Comparison of the rates of agreement for assays of Endotoxin, procalcitonin and lactate in septic and non-septic critically ill patients.
A. Romaschin, J. Marshall, D. Klein. D. Foster.
Journal Link
American Association of Clinical Chemists, Los Angeles, California.  July 2005.

A Novel Method for rapid detection of human endotoxemia.
Foster DM, Derzko AN & Romaschin AD. Clinical Laboratory International, April 2004.

Diagnostic and Prognostic Implications of Endotoxemia in Critical Illness: Results of the MEDIC Study.
JC Marshall, D Foster, JL Vincent, DJ Cook, et al.
Journal LinkJournal of Infectious Diseases, Aug. 2004.

Can Sepsis be better defined? Contribution of a novel assay for endotoxin.
Foster DM, Derzko AN & Keffer JH.
Journal Link
Clinical Microbiology Newsletter 26: 3, 2004

Measurement of endotoxin activity in critically ill patients using whole blood neutrophil dependent chemiluminescence.
Marshall JC, Walker PM, Foster DM, et al.
Journal Link
Critical Care 2002; 6(4): 342-348

A rapid assay of endotoxin in whole blood using autologous neutrophil dependent chemiluminescence.
Romaschin AD, Harris DM, Ribeiro MB, et al.
Journal Link
J. Immunol. Methods 1998; 212: 169-185.

Let the Cells Speak: neutrophils as biologic markers of the inflammatory response.
Romaschin AD, Foster DM, Walker PM, Marshall JC., Sepsis 1998; 2: 119-125.

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